We are the exclusive agent of Giblor's (Italy) in the U.A.E  & GO SILVER (Turkey) to Police and Military of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Our portfolio of leading brands is organized into our business segments. What unites all our businesses is a belief in brand-led growth, based on an understanding of the constantly changing needs of our consumers and the ability to create products that win in the market by delivering superior performance, design and innovation. This commitment has enabled us to build a strong competitive position in each of our categories as consumers worldwide trust and prefer those brands.


Giblor's - Italy

Giblor’s was founded in 1977 in Carpi, in a worldwide famous district known for its manufacturing vocation linked to fashion. Rosanna Corradini and Gianbattista Giberti develop their entrepreneurial project with passion, they decide to oversee a new market segment starting to design and produce professional clothing. The surrounding environment contaminates so deeply their product that manages to combine technical innovation and Italian style, creating professional garments with a strong fashion influence. Precise will of the founders is to build an industrial company with artisan matrix, projected into the future and into the use of the most advanced technologies, firmly marked on the values ​​of a family driven company. Since 1977, the members of the Giberti’s family occupy all the strategic positions of the company looking into their customers eyes. Their small company turns into an international enterprise that operates with pride and determination in the global market by challenging competition all around the world.



Dian manufactures high quality clogs for healthcare sector, its products are known for maximum comfort and durability.



CPS manufactures patent and  innovative products that ranges from conventional pharmaceuticals to food supplements, and caters to many populations, including vegeterians, children and pregnant females. Its range includes IRON CATCH, Liftycol flat belly and Seredial 8 hours.


Buona: “a made-to-measure child well-being”

Buona is a way of seeing the world of childhood, being aware that in order to raise your child in the best way, it is important to have an upbringing focused on an active lifestyle, a healthy diet and respect for the environment. Buona designs, manufactures and markets products for children based on criteria of quality and effectiveness, Range includes foods for special medical purposes, medical devices and dietary products.