Be Well pharmaceuticals is to fulfill its business philosophy to "Contribute toward improving the health of people in UAE through the Branding and distribution of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products. Our strategy is to develop and enrich a strong and reliable market access for multinational pharmaceutical companies to the UAE markets specifically in the fields of innovative pharmaceutical products allowing “our partners “to benefit the UAE patients from the advancements that these therapies are offering.

Our leadership team is committed to provide efficient business strategies and local plans respecting the UAE business environments and considering every possible internal competency that could lead to quick market access and efficient business operation. Our leadership team is enjoying robust experiences with proven records of success in the pharmaceutical business fields.

We are committed to improve patients life’s in the United Arab Emirates through introducing solutions for conditions with un-met medical needs, supporting the patients journey from diagnosis, starting therapy and maintaining his treatments through developing several partnering and patients support programs with different health and social communities.

At Be Well Pharma, we are working as a one team with shared objectives, inspired by the culture of possible. We are engaged with our partners to the mission of advancing patient care by introducing new groundbreaking therapeutics to treat serious and life threatening diseases. Our day-to-day business practices are mandated by the absolute adherence to the legal and ethical standards of business conduct.

Today, our UAE patients are enjoying the benefits of these premium therapies with ensuring their physicians are well equipped with latest updates and information through our team. We are also delighted to ensure that the quality of care and support offered to those patients are with the highest standards required for the therapy success.

Today, we are proud of the foundation we established in the United Arab Emirates. Our innovative products and partnering programs are well appreciated. I would like to thank all our business partners for trust and support; I would like also to thank all Be Well Pharma employees for their sincere work, dedication and enthusiasm that are driving this success.

Thank you,

Dr. Mai Ghosheh
Chief Executive Officer
Be Well Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment trading co.